What do you feel when your seven month old calls you “Amma” ( mom ) for the first time.. you would jump in joy.. smother him with kisses, call and share it with everyone you know… at least that’s what I thought I would do.. But only thing I could do was to stain his burning cheeks with my tears..
My son called me “Amma” for first time when he was 7 months old and was down with fever. He had cold, cough and high fever. His chest was infected and doctor said if not controlled immediately would develop into pneumonia.
That night he was having 103 degree ( F ) fever. Blocked nose made it difficult for him to have breast milk. He would not sleep on the bed and was sleeping on my lap. His whole body was burning hot. With eyes closed in effort to sleep and lips dry and trembling, he called “Amma….” , not once but again and again. I could do nothing but take his hands in mine and say “Amma is here with you my son, am here with you.” and my tears dropped on his cheeks…
PS : After 10 days of  nebulization and 5 days of injections, thankfully my son regained health.

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And Thank you for allowing me to walk in your Sandals/Shoes :)

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