Together we have turned One…

An year has passed… an year with you in our lives. Last November you were in my arms, too small that I had to hold you so carefully, it was so difficult for me to breast feed you and today you are sitting alone on the bed and nibbling away a biscuit. On the third day you were born, I was still finding it difficult to

breastfeed you. The nurses were scolding “Why are you not holding him properly”. Your Acha still pulls  my leg telling, how I cried hugging you tight and said “Oh my baby, you are a new born and I am a new mother, we both have to learn.”

And we learnt together. Every day was a day of discovery, of new emotions.

From the first time you smiled to today when you are laughing out loud  blinking your eyes ;

From your first cry to the shriek you gave when we just took away the dirty shoe you were going to eat ;

From breast milk to the parippum chorum (rice and dal) you had today;

From your first black poop to the pampers full of shit we just put in the bin ;

From the first see through cotton dress you wore to the kurta – pajama you are wearing now ;

From the first day you flipped on your tummy to today when you are trying to stand on your own ;

From the rattles you shook with your hands to the toy car you are trying to drive today;

From the first sound you made to nonstop blabbering you are doing now;

From your toothless smile to the 4 sharp teeth with which you bite us whenever possible;

From drinking out of a feeding bottle to the straw sippy bottle ;

From crying at small sounds to enjoying fire crackers on Diwali ;

From the day you first crawled on your knees to today when you are keeping small steps holding the bed ;

From the smile and attention you gave to the music from your toy to the way you shook your hands and head in tune to Gangnam Style beats ;

From crying on leaving at the baby sitter’s to the silent acceptance that your Amma have to leave you there even if you cry ;

You have come a long way. (Darling tu pehle se kitna badal gaya 🙂 )

Its not that the last one year was a walk on cake. There were struggles, both emotional and physical. There were times you took away our sleep, we got tired, anxious and sometimes at our wit’s end. But then the joy your innocent smile gives us can wash away all those pains.

You may not understand yet why Amma and Acha have decorated the house today with balloons and colours, why Amma held you in her arms and blew a candle on the cake, why Acha made you cut a cake and offered a piece for you to have, why your little friends have gathered in the room and clapped hands and sang “Happy Birthday to you”; But darling you would understand in years to come that we were celebrating the day you came into our life, you would understand how much you mean to us, how much you have changed us and our lives.


PS : My sunshine celebrated his first birthday yesterday – 25/11/2012.


15 thoughts on “Together we have turned One…

  1. Aww…what a cutey cute first year milestone you have jotted down Seena 🙂

    Belated birthday wishes to your sunshine 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I am new here, so I dunno if the baby has any blog name..if let me know 😉

  2. Such a sweet post. Many more happy returns of the day to your sunshine. Errrr…. ‘there were times you took away our sleep” Past tense. Not now? Sigh. For two years and three months (I remember to this day how long it had been) I had never slept through a single night, waking up every two to three hours was the norm. That’s how my FB was 🙂 I used to “dream” of sleeping! 🙂 And after that 2 and a quarter years, one fine day I woke up at sunrise and… “OMG, he did not cry at night!” What a relief it was 🙂

    • No! that’s not past tense yet. Am still dreaming of sleeping 🙂 I was just telling what went on last one year..
      Only one night he slept through ( the first day he had parippum chorum stomach full and slept after midnight ) in last one year, and getting up in the morning and realising he didn’t wake up in between, I panicked “OMG, he did not cry at night! what happened to him? Is something wrong, Is he sick, Did I oversleep and not hear him crying?” 🙂

      And Thank you for the wishes 🙂

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