dripping greenery
flooded fields and my mother
home is where heart is

zeus smiled at his work

well, who else can bring the boat

to the paddy fields

My first attempt at Haiku, in response to the  Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt – Kigo Haiku.

PS : After procrastinating for more than two months, I finally thought of writing a new post using this prompt. I know my Haiku above has no poetic beauty and may not qualify as a Haiku, but only for the 17 syllables 🙂 So I did not want to link it to the prompt page, but then decided to link it so that any visitor here can get to read all the beautiful Haikus posted there and also learn from the tutorial and attempt to compose a Haiku.

Photo Credit : My BIL .

1. My MIL having a look at her flooded paddy fields, in front of her home, after 2 days of non-stop rain.

2. A man rowing his boat in the same flooded paddy fields.


Haiku – Rain

16 thoughts on “Haiku – Rain

    • Thank you dear 🙂
      Please check the link to learn more about Haiku and after reading your latest post (short poem-lost), am sure you can compose a better one 🙂

    • Thank you Visha 🙂
      My BIL had also sent the photos of the fields a week before the rain.. will post it some day.. you will really love it…
      And the attempt at the Haiku was also an excuse to post these snaps 😉

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