Seven traits of a confused soul

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Filling the column ‘About me’ was always tough for me and still is. When I started reading blogs ,I saw that almost all the bloggers described themselves so easily in just few words. I really wonder how they are able to do that. For me it is next to impossible, owing to the fact that I seriously don’t know myself well. Why so much confusion about one’s own personality? Well, here’s seven of the many contrasting traits in my character and then please guess my personality 🙂

1. I procrastinate a lot when it comes to things that matters only to me.  I keep pushing things to the eternity when it comes to my visiting the parlour, sewing my torn dress, exercising, dieting or writing blog post ! But come to my job, I have always been praised for completing tasks on time. Right from school homework and projects to my responsibilities at current job, I have hardly ever missed a deadline. If someone gives me a responsibility, I do it as soon as possible. So am I really a procrastinator or just that I should be little more responsible towards myself ?

2. I cry watching an emotional scene in movie/serial/ad or reading books or blogs. I do cry and get emotional in real life too (but not at the drop of a hat kind).  I can’t bear to see anyone in pain or crying. This should mean that I am very sensitive person. But look at the other part. I don’t panic if a near and dear has gone out and has not returned at expected time. I don’t wait sleeplessly for  someone dear who is travelling to call me and update about their reaching the destination safe ( unless of course he/she is a kid ). I don’t panic when someone is not lifting the call twice or not calling back. I try to find logical reasons and wait. Am I being insensitive ?

3. My classmates, colleagues, neighbors would say I am the most patient being on Earth and I can never get angry or shout at a person. My family would say I am short tempered and can’t argue without shouting.

4. I can’t do the small talk or start up a conversation with an unfamiliar person. I am known among relatives as one who hardly talks but smiles lot.  Am I an introvert ? I can talk non stop with my close friends and family. I love to visit new places, go for group outings, attend get-togethers, parties, functions and chill out with friends. Extrovert right ?

5. I am generally not obsessive about cleanliness. Floors need not be moped daily, eatables dropped can be picked up eaten unless it is sticky or the floor is dirty, furniture need not be dusted daily. A little germ does only help in building immunity. But I have OCD of washing hands and dishes. I keep washing my hands after each activity in kitchen, wash the already washed plates if using after 5 mins of washing. I hate doing dishes when all are piled together and get my husband to do it, but while using I again wash it myself 🙂

6. I avoid talking on phone. At office my mobile phone lies on the desk all the time even when I am walking around, in pantry having lunch or in conference room in a meeting. While travelling it’s in my bag. Once at home it’s either on the table or sometimes doesn’t come out of the bag at all. I make calls only for communicating something, not for general chat. But all the jobs I have been doing till now, I have to be on the phone all the time and continuous follow up and communication is one of my strengths at work. A friend once said, may be you will have to be paid to speak on phone !

7. I can sleep 24 hrs and lie down without doing anything for hours. I love sleeping and lazing around is my favourite pass time. But once I reach office I am a complete workaholic, some days I have even forgotten to drink water or go to loo and had to pulled by colleagues for lunch. Once I start doing a clean up or tidying up activity I sweat till it is done to perfection.

Confused ? I am 🙂

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 1st-7th September 2013.

PS : I couldn’t post this yesterday, so missed posting the 2nd day of the festival. I am not sure if I can still link to the Write Tribe, Festival of words.

Update : Ever so sweet Corinne said I could still link it to the festival 🙂


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