Never never never give up

Yesterday was World Suicide prevention Day 2013 and at Write Tribe Corinne had invited bloggers to use their blog to spread the awareness.

Staying in Dubai, I often read cases of expat suicide. Financial crisis and loneliness play main villains in expat suicides. When I read the suicide cases like this , I used to think how could someone kill himself for such a thing. But now I have realized that the reasons seems silly to an outsider, but for that person it was everything.

Amit’s post was an eye-opener.  Shilpa’s post on the warning signs  is informative and thought provoking and she rightly says that Suicide can be prevented if the “stigma towards mental illnesses is confronted and challenged”.

Rekha’s brave post on how she decided to never quit reminded me of  this song from Thomas and friends . I keep playing it in my head now. You may have heard this before, but I wanted to post it here so that I can come back to this whenever I feel low. And I really hope these lyrics would cheer up others too.

If you climb the highest mountain,

Cross the river deep,

Maybe you’ll find it’s never as easy

As it first appears, as it first appears

Just remember not to worry,

Or get down at heart

Never lose faith in positive thinking

You’ll be amazed when you achieve

All the things you start,

all the things you start. So,

Never, never, never give up even though the going’s tough

Don’t stop trying, when you’re tiring, and you’re out of puff

No, never, never, never give up even though you’re feeling rough

If at first you don’t succeed, never, never, never give up

If at first you don’t succeed, Then try and try again

Nothing in life is ever as easy

But you get there in the end, get there in the end

So blow your cares and woes behind you

Start a brand new day

Nothing can stop you reaching your goal

If you’re determined, you can do it

You will find a way, you will find a way. So,

Some things seem impossible, answers hard to find

No matter how improbable, you won’t know until you try

You can do whatever you choose it just takes a little luck

So remember never, never, never give up

Never, never, never give up!

And most often the suicide could have been prevented if the person had someone to speak his/her heart out.


16 thoughts on “Never never never give up

  1. Well said. It’s the lack of someone to communicate to, that brings in such thoughts. Communication is an extremely important parameter for the well-being of anybody. And I too love this song from Thomas and his friends. Really motivating lyrics.

  2. Thank you for those links to the songs. Very motivating, and delightful too. Each post I’ve read on the occasion has been extremely thought provoking with the one underling message of how much of it could be prevented.

    • Thank you for dropping by 🙂 True, all the posts I have read on the topic were informative and thought provoking and almost all emphasized on how it could be prevented through communication. It was really thoughtful of Corinne to initiate this awareness campaign.

  3. At times family members are not aware of the signs of depression which culminate in such tragic situations. I wish we had more awareness amongst common man to recognise such signs. I wish there was no stigma attached to mental ailments.

  4. Like Amit says, at times near and dear ones are not aware of the signs of depression exhibited. Or sometimes, the inability to express what is troubling may make the person hide it so well.
    What I find most annoying and reprehensible is the judgmental way some of my fellow bloggers seem to view suicide. Honestly when I read comments like, “I have been there, so I know it can be overcomes. It is a silly feeling we all have gone through at one time or other” and such in a discussion, I just could not believe my eyes.
    Thinking positively is not easy to implement for those who “think” rationally in the first place. Frankly I believe only people who can conveniently disregard some of the things in life, those who do not think too deeply, are the ones who can think positively at all times. People with sharp reasoning powers cannot do that effectively as they see things as they are. Just my opinion.

    • I completely agree with you Shail. Its not easy to think positively always. Talking about myself, I have to keep reminding myself to think positively. I have to keep reminding myself that I could be in worse situations, I have to keep reminding myself to find happiness in little things. And as you said it is not easy when I think rationally.
      I have often heard people say “if only he/she would have told me his/her problem instead of attempting suicide”, but I believe that the person is not able to communicate his/her problem is actually the problem. We surely cannot expect a person in depression to communicate his/her ailment and we cannot always expect the dear and near one’s to read his/her mind. Only thing we can do is to listen without being judgmental and make ourselves approachable to others, which also is not a very easy task.

  5. That is such a inspiring and positive song.
    True suicides can be prevented as it has been proven that suicidal thoughts are usually transient, so a listening ear and the right support can help in changing the outlook.

  6. As Amit said, there’s a lot of stigma attached to mental ailments because of while a lot of people shirk from sharing their innermost conflicts and disturbances.I wish there was a bit more open approach towards dealing with such grave issues.

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