Haiku – Rain

dripping greenery
flooded fields and my mother
home is where heart is

zeus smiled at his work

well, who else can bring the boat

to the paddy fields

My first attempt at Haiku, in response to the  Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt – Kigo Haiku.

PS : After procrastinating for more than two months, I finally thought of writing a new post using this prompt. I know my Haiku above has no poetic beauty and may not qualify as a Haiku, but only for the 17 syllables 🙂 So I did not want to link it to the prompt page, but then decided to link it so that any visitor here can get to read all the beautiful Haikus posted there and also learn from the tutorial and attempt to compose a Haiku.

Photo Credit : My BIL .

1. My MIL having a look at her flooded paddy fields, in front of her home, after 2 days of non-stop rain.

2. A man rowing his boat in the same flooded paddy fields.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

This photo was taken by my Husband at Ibn Batutta Mall in Dubai, Last Friday.

The theme being color I was looking for a photo with bright colors, but somehow I was attracted to this photo with the pale colors.

PS :  This area is between the Tunisia Court and the Andalusia Court, actually entrance to Andalusia court. In the photo you can see the model of  Flying Machine , created by Abbas bin Firnas, who constructed and attempted to fly in his machine between 875 and early 880 AD.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

Rice with moru curry and fish gravy

Rice with moru curry and fish gravy



Lunch is not an elaborate affair on working days. Most of the days, the Dabba I and Raj carry  has cooked rice and a curry and if time permits some ‘thoran’ / ‘poriyal/fish fry/dry fish or prawn fry.

The rice with fish in coconut milk ( almost like ‘fish molee’ , prepared in my own simple style) and moru curry ( made of curd, ash gourd, plantains and grinded coconut ) was made on Friday. The parboiled rice, we brought from kerala, was grown in the paddy fields of my In-laws. My in- laws and I put a lot of effort in it.  My FIL and MIL toiled in the paddy field along with the farm workers, to produce the grain. And my MIL spend days drying the grain, de husking it, boiling it and FIL got it pounded from the mill. Then I spent few minutes packing the rice 🙂 But the fact that the rice takes a long time to cook even in pressure cooker, makes it inconvenient to cook on working days and so has been labeled under ‘rice to be cooked on Fridays’ .



This Vegetable Rice is a quick lunch I make on busy working days like today. It can’t be called Vegetable Pulav nor Vegetable Biriyani. It is my version, a mix of both, done in quick and easy method. I just chop the vegetable and throw them in the pressure cooker with ghee, add washed and drained rice, salt, masala and water. Switch off the gas in 5-7 mins, let them cook in the pressure . Simple isn’t it ? No sauting , no frying, no garnishing… My Babs too likes it, isn’t that great ?, vegetables easily get added into his food. I used to make it spicy but since Babs too eats this, I now reduce the spice in the rice. Instead I make spicy pudina chutney to go with it.

You can see more yummy lunchtime photos here..

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

ImageI am Thankful to my little one for coming into our life and reminding me :

to be Thankful for just being able to breath and live in this world.

to be Thankful for having the power to give birth and nurture a new life.

to be Thankful to my parents for their unconditional love.

to be Thankful to my family for being there to share the joys and the sorrows.

to be Thankful for the opportunities to learn and discover new things.

to be Thankful for the food we get to eat.

to be Thankful to the small things that brings joy.

I am Thankful to all the people who were and are part of my life, whose love, support, criticisms and encouragements, make me what I am today. Naming just a few would not be fair. I know a “Thank You” is just not enough to actually Thank you, hope it would make a difference if I say, “it comes from the bottom of my heart.” 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

As there are different shades of Green, Green to me has different meanings

  • Green reminds me of my home back in Kerala.
  • Green reminds me of the paddy feild in front of my home.
  • Green takes me back to my homeland.
  • Green is the Paddy that feeds us.
  • Green is the toy my child plays with.
  • Green is the money that men are greedy for.
  • Green is the tissue boxes,files and other paper and cardboards thats made by cutting green trees.
  • Green are the plastic bottles that pollutes the green environment.

This post is part of Weekly photo challenge

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