It’s Sick

ImageIt is been said that what happens on the New year Day, is the gist of what would happen throughout the year. The New year day is celebrated, so that the whole year is filled with celebrations and happiness. But  I never actually believed it earlier, but now am experiencing it.

On the eve of new year and on Jan 1st  of 2013, I was down with fever. By the second week of the new year I recovered but my son fell ill. Then we went for a month long vacation to our hometown with the sick toddler. He recovered by the third week of Jan.

And I thought the cycle was complete. The spirit of ill health has captured us, tortured us and left us for good. No more sick days this year. But no, the evil spirit had no plans to leave us yet.125sick_tired2By the end of the vacation, first week of Feb, I was again down with fever and I lost my voice too. My Dee has this problem of losing voice on slightest fever or cold. But this was the first time I experienced it. It took more than 10 days for me to regain my voice. Not that my voice was sweet and I would have won an oscar in singing, but at least I should have my voice back to scream at my husband  “Oh please switch off the TV or reduce the volume, am having an headache”

Then it was my husband’s turn to invite the spirit. He was sick for two days and then passed the baton to our son. Babs, thankfully recovered in two days and passed the baton again to me.

And this time I was not just down with fever, but bed ridden for two days. Normally my appetite improves during fever and I eat a lot. But this time my throat was all swollen and I could hardly swallow water.

I took two days off and sent Babs to baby sitting so that I could take complete rest. When he was back in the evening his behaviour really surprised me. I feel kids do have a kind of understanding. The two days I was in bed, he would not come to me at all, even if he comes he would sit silently next to me hugging me. I breast fed him only at night.


No, it did not happen with me. Thank God!

My husband and Brother In Law (who had accompanied us to Dubai on a visit visa to try his luck in getting a job here), were of great help. They took over the kitchen and the baby care part. Since we strongly believed in equal parenting, taking care of Babs was not a new thing to Raj. So I was relieved on that part, but I would not let him clean Babs feeding bottle and sterilize them, I have to do it myself. How would I allow him to do that, when the jar of the mixer he cleaned still has some chutney in the lid between the washer, when the tea pot he scrubbed clean still has a line of tea stain in the rims, the cooker he has cleaned spotlessly still has the smell of the curry made in it? But I too was a good girl. I did not show him those things and pull his leg as I used to, but silently cleaned the vessels again.

imagesCAE16I1OThe other thing that was bothering me for last two months, was the daily headaches and watery eyes. Finally I met the Opthamologist, and guess what I got spectacled. He said the eye irritation and headache was due to strain and my right eye has a problem, which could have been permanently cured if I had done some simple eye exercise at the age of 6. Since I have not done it then, it can no longer be cured. I have to take breaks while working on the system and do the eye exercise at least 100 times a day. I never had any issues with my eyes before and so didn’t have to visit an Opthamologist, but during the eye check ups we had in school and colleges, I never failed in the vision test. I confidently read aloud the letters and thought I had passed this time too, after all I had read very small prints in the newspaper while waiting at the reception and made sure I had no vision problem and declared the same to the Doctor. Classical spectacle on eye chartBut the Doctor smiled and said ” good guess work. But sorry dear all the letters you read were wrong”. It seems I have got small numbers in both eyes and so wearing spectacles would improve the vision and help decreasing the strain. I liked people in spectacles, few looked more stylish, to some it added to their personality, some had the Buji  (BudhiJeevi – intellect) look. But I never wanted to wear glasses myself because of the maintenance it would require (yeah, you read it right, I am too lazy to clean the spectacles, wear them and then remove and put them in the case. That’s a lot of work). My husband says spectacles suits my personality (whatever!), he knows I need encouragement to wear them 🙂 .

I know it is sick of me ranting about my ill health in the blog and but i think my brain is still sick. I might get out of this in sometime. Hopefully !


Flying with the toddler…

Babs boarded his first flight when he was 5 months old. I say, he is so lucky, I boarded my first flight when I was 25 yrs old, till then aero plane for me was the small dot we see with amazement, moving high above in the sky.

On his first flight Babs was mostly asleep. He cried only when hungry and slept off on being fed. He was only breastfed at that time, hence had to carry only wipes, diapers and an extra dress in my hand bag. But this time I had to be prepared. Now, he being a 14 months old , hyperactive toddler, and having witnessed non stop crying babies in the flights earlier, we carefully planned our trip.

We booked our tickets from Dubai to Calicut, keeping our toddler’s nap time in mind. We booked the early morning (3.30 am ) flight. That would mean we have to report the Airport at 12.30 am, which would mean Babs would be fast asleep on our shoulders throughout the security check and boarding process and in the flight. If we had taken the 1.00 am flight, we usually take, we have to report the airport at 10.00 pm, means Babs would be too excited seeing us preparing to leave and would not sleep at all and it would be difficult to manage him. For the same reason we decided against morning flights. We would land at IST 9.00 am at the Calicut Airport, means Babs can have his morning bottle of milk on the flight itself and would be asleep during the checking out process and would enjoy the sights from the taxi. Be will be home by noon, he can have lunch and sleep. Perfect planning.

But the toddler had other plans. As I mentioned in my previous post, Babs had caught fever which was high the day before the flight. So on 8th, 9th and till 10th evening he was asleep or lying down inactive most of the time. By evening medicines took effect. He regained his energy. I tried to put him to sleep many times before leaving for the airport, but he would not sleep. Finally we had to carry a widely awake and excited Babs to the airport. He has not yet started walking by himself. But he wanted to get down. He would  crawl all over the airport.1 And he is Usain Bolt when it comes to crawling. We would easily loose him in the airport. He wanted to lay his hand on every thing and everyone he saw around. Only way to control him was to show any other kid in the airport, then he would be smiling ear to ear to the kid for next 5 mins. He kept calling everyone “eyy” and was blabbering non-stop to the attendants. Thankfully he wasn’t crying and so people around were actually amused. All were instantly taken by the sweet smile that he gave away without any hesistation.

Emirates Airlines too had plans to keep us entertained. They kept changing their boarding gates. Thrice, we had to walk, with luggages and over excited Babs to different gates which were so far from each other that we thought we may reach the Calicut airport walking.2

Once on the flight, he started crying aloud because of being restricted in one seat. But by the time the flight took off  I was able to feed him and put him to sleep. He slept peacefully in the flight and got up again only at the Calicut airport during the check out. Once the flight landed, we waited for the rush to be over before getting down the plane. Many people who passed us were looking at the toddler fast asleep in my arms and talking to each other “look how peacefully the baby is sleeping now” , “he was so cheerful” “poor baby, tired after all the excitement”

Once in the Taxi, from Calicut to Kannur, as we expected, he enjoyed the sight seeings from the car and also took short naps. The bag I had packed for him, with biscuits, bottles, warm water, Formula milk powder, sugar, wipes, diapers, dress, towels etc.. came in handy throughout the trip.

On the return trip too he did not create much problem other than over excitement at the airport. I could hear two babies crying non stop throughout the flight, and thanked God and of course Babs for being a better travel partner.

Image Courtsey : 1

I am back…

ImageAfter being away for a month and a half,  I’m back here… Oh! how much I missed this space.

More than posting, what I missed was reading my favourite blogs. So, the last two days, I hopped into all my favourite blogs and read all the posts I had missed.

Being new here, I did not expect any one to even notice my absence, leave alone missing me. But I was really surprised to find a message from Visha of  Zack and Visha. I was instantly on cloud nine.  Visha, you made my day. Thanks a ton:)

For me 2013 started on a bad note. I fell ill on the eve of  the new year. On the 1st and 2nd day of the year, I was down with high fever. I recovered in a week’s time, but then my Babs fell ill. It started with a cough and cold and developed to  chest congestion and high fever. My hyperactive and cheerful Babs became completely inactive. The smile he always had, was gone. On 10th Jan we were to fly to kerala for a month long vacation and on 9th night we were in the hospital. After injections, suppositories and nebulisation sessions, by 10th evening he got better. Though his cough and cold continued, his smile was back and he was active. This is something really amazing about kids, no matter how ill they are, they start playing the moment they can lift their head.

Finally on 11th Jan we were back home. A month passed like a week and we came back to Dubai on 11th Feb.

I was sure that I would be online and actively blogging back home, as there was internet connection at both my parent’s and in-law’s home. But KSEB (Kerala State Electricity Board) and BSNL  had other plans. Thanks to KSEB , the power did not go off occasionally, rather power came occassionaly :(. And BSNL made sure that the internet connection was lost or very very slow whenever there was power. And then my Babs and relatives/guests made sure that on the very particular moment, that came once in a blue moon, when both power and internet are available, I was not available to make use it 😦

So in a nut shell, let me borrow SRK’s dialogue from OSO, but with a change, “agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho , toh poori kaynath tumhein usse ‘door’  karne  ki koshish mein lag jaati hai’ . Seriously yaar , it happens with me every time !

More on the vacation in my next post.