How, What & Why


How I entered Blogosphere :

I entered into the Blog world by chance. I was googling few Arabic words for meanings and reached a blog. And then from that Blog to another blog. I talked about these blogs to Raj and he encouraged me to start a blog. I just signed up in Blogspot but did not start posting yet. When I talked about my blog to my SHs ( SweetHearts – my 3 Best Friends Forever ), they too encouraged me to start posting. But they were not into blogging and I was still not inspired enough to start. That was in 2011.

Then one fine day in June 2012 going from one Blog to another, I reached Godyears, a super duper Blog by Dr.Roshan Radhakrishnan. From his blog I reached many other interesting Blogs. A new world has opened for me. A world I had heard about but never actually knew how amazing it was. For some time I was a silent reader, though some posts compelled me to comment, I resisted. I thought I did not have time to be part of that world yet. But then one day I finally gave into the lure of the Blogosphere.
I realised I had the same 24 hrs that all these bloggers had, I just need to know how to manage my 24 hrs. I am not a complete workaholic, but once I reach office I turn into one. From the time I reach office to the time I am compelled to leave by the angry Cab driver, I work, interrupted only by a 10 mins lunch break.

But now I take breaks in between my work and spend those precious time reading blogs and blogging. And for sure this blog breaks relaxes me a lot and re energizes me to face the work pressure.

What to expect in this Blog ?

Nothing that would shatter the earth or make the sun rise in the west. Nothing that would be written in gold and preserved in the museum, for generations to come.
Just my thoughts, views, opinions, worries, rants, grumblings and whatever. And anecdotes from my life and the lives around me.

Why the name “In my Sandals” ?

It is My take on whatever crosses MY mind. So you have to throw off your shoes/sandals/slippers and start walking in my sandals, once you are here. Well later you can return my sandals and also be good enough to let me walk in yours as well. But why ‘sandals’ and not ‘shoes’? Well I prefer Sandals to Shoes, they give my feet/toes breathing space and I just hate the smell of the feet when one takes off the shoe.


4 thoughts on “How, What & Why

And Thank you for allowing me to walk in your Sandals/Shoes :)

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