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On every Job Interview I have faced, the first question asked was “so tell me about yourself”. In the last semester of our MBA Programme, the placement cell in our college prepared us to face this question. We wrote about ourselves,  as per the given guidelines and learnt it by heart. And after few mock and actual interviews, I could “tell about myself” even if someone woke me up and asked in the middle of the night 🙂

Now, this is no job interview and I don’t have to go by those guidelines.

I am finding it hard to describe me. Hmm… Let me try.

Born in Kannur, Kerala on 29th October, in a middle class family to a CRPF Jawan (Papa) and a homemaker (Amma). Brought up with two sweet siblings – an elder sister (Dee) and an younger brother (Su). Married in Nov, 2008 to a pravasi (Raj) and in 2011, blessed with a cute son (Babs).

  • I am the middle one. My sister being the first child and my bro the youngest and the only son, were the stars. Not that my family showed much partiality between us sisters but I just did not like it to be the Middle one. I mean, I ended up getting everything second hand . Grrrrr……….
  • My father was not much happy when I was born, as he wanted a son and not a second girl child. But I used to be behind him so much that later I became his pet daughter. And now my didi and bro are jealous of me for being father’s pet 🙂
  • I am not good at small talk, in Malayalam we say “lohyam parayuka” I make it up with a smile, so am known among relatives as “girl who hardly talks, but smiles a lot”
  • I always needed someone to push or pull, for me come to the forefront.
  • I argue more with people whom I know/love more.
  • I am not the phone person. I hardly call anyone for casual chat, if I do, it is solely an attempt to make them happy. But I always land up in a job where I have to be on the phone all the time 😦
  • I feel I don’t belong to this technical era. I mean, am not mad about latest gadgets, I have a facebook account,  just to stalk my friends / relatives / acquaintances 🙂 I came late to the Blog world and have no twitter account.
  • I love exploring new places and new cuisines. If I had the choice and means I would have traveled to every nook and corner of the world and outer space too.
  • I am a day dreamer. And also a night dreamer. And most of the times I remember my dreams with minute details.And most of my dreams are completely illogical and no way related to my life.
  • I need to visualize the words. A movie screen runs in my mind when I read books/blogs/newspaper, listen music, listen to the teacher or listen to people talk.
  • On holidays, you can find me as I was right out of the bed, any time of the day. Grooming, skin care, hair care, make up is not me. Three essential and only make up I wear while going out , are a small black bindi, eyeliner and sindoor.
  • Though I love reading romantic novels and watching romantic movies, I don’t believe in fairy tale love.
  • I love music & songs but I cannot sing.. not even hum.. I love drawings & paintings, but I cannot draw 😦 . I absolutely love dancing but not trained to dance well 😦 . I used to be a bathroom dancer, but now, with toddler at home, I hardly get time time to bath, leave alone dancing in the bathroom.
  • I don’t like Sharukh Khan and am not a fan of DDLJ .

13 thoughts on “Know Me

  1. Oh my gosh! We seem to have a lot in common 😀 .. esp the ‘small talk’ stuff… I make it up as well by smiling till my cheeks hurt 😉

And Thank you for allowing me to walk in your Sandals/Shoes :)

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