Hips don’t lie, neither do scales!!

fatRecently everyone around – my friends, neighbors, relatives and colleagues are complementing me on how I have slimmed down.

But my weighing scales don’t agree, it doesn’t show even a gram less than what it showed few months ago. Liar !!

What if I don’t exercise, what if I live to eat, what if my hips look as it looked few months ago, in the mirror. To hell with the scales and the mirrors, if people say I have slimmed down, I should have!liar

My reactions to this complement of  “Oh you have slimmed down so much!” changed from denial “Really? I don’t think so.” to “Really, do you think so ?” to a smile to “I have na!” to self pity “poor me! the work pressure at office, house work and a running toddler, you see you don’t have to control food or exercise to slim down”

So, I was floating in the clouds, until last evening, D, a third standard student, whom I help with his Hindi lessons, grounded me. I was giving him test – word meanings. The word ‘Sadhu‘ came. He couldn’t remember the meaning. The meaning in the context of the chapter was ‘a good person ‘.shocked

So to help him remember the meaning I gave him a clue, “D, someone like me”

He gave a big smile and yelled ” yeah! got it aunteeeee! Sadhu means fat person”

Someone in the other room burst into laughter.


Tuesday Morning,  7.10 am. I enter the lift with my little one and press the number 2. The lift opens. I get out and walk to the first flat on the left.

Why is the door not open as usual ? Am I early today ?”
I ring the bell and wait. Notice the flat number written on the door, 101. “Buildings have flat numbers 201, 202…etc.. on the 2nd floor na, Why this building has flat number 101 in 2nd floor ? Weird… And why didn’t I notice it before?”
A young gentleman opens the door. “ yes …” .
I stare at him and then at the flat number. “Oh! sorry am in wrong flat.. sorry..
I hurry back to the lift, press 2. Door opens . I walk to the first flat on the left. Flat no. 201.
The door is open. I knock and enter.
Paatti  Amma (granny) : “vaa ma..” ( come dear.. ).
I give my little one to patti..
Paatti  Amma : “kolantha paalu kudichacha ? ” ( little one had milk ?)
Me (in my broken Tamil ) : “Koncham, koncham bottlelil irrikke, koduth paar”       ( little, little remaining in bottle, try giving )
I wave bye to my son. He looks at me, ready to cry if I don’t leave immediately.
I enter the lift. Press G. Lift opens. I rush out and get into the cab.
Uhhhh.. that was embarrassing..