Beauty of Love


Violet, it’s seven already, we are getting late ” Indigo shouted impatiently. She came running after six minutes and sat in the passenger seat next to him in their Blue Sedan. He turned to her intending to give a lecture on punctuality, but one look in those Green eyes melted his anger in less than five seconds. “You look beautiful in this Yellow dress” He said instead. She smiled ” I never looked ugly to you in last four years of our being together, Love had blinded you then and it blinds you even now. ”

She ran her fingers on her half burnt face, the horrible memory of the acid attack by a roadside Romeo whose proposal she had rejected flashed through her mind. It took three years and multiple surgeries to restore her face. But the scars remained.

“But others can’t even look at me for more than two minutes, they squint their eyes on seeing me as if Orange juice has hit their eyes. ”

” Honey, that’s because they just stop at the peel and don’t get to not know the taste of what’s inside.”

“Some don’t even like what’s inside.”

“Depends on their taste darling, even a Red apple does not please every one. Most important thing is I love you as you are. ” He said, starting the car.

“Yes the most important thing is the beauty of love which makes everything and every one around beautiful” She thought. as they drove away.

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2AM Photo

It’s 2AM and your phone has just buzzed you awake, filling the room in white-blue LED light. You have a message. It’s a photo. No words, no explanation. Just a photo. Tell us all about it. And what happens next.


The phone buzzed, filling the room in white-blue LED light. Tanay woke up and grabbed the phone on the bedside table. The phone screen clock  showed 02.00 am. On any other night Tanay would not have woken up with the buzz of the phone. Veena always pulled his leg ” You are Kumbhakarna’s son. Once asleep you would not even wake up if earth quakes’

But tonight he could not sleep like a log. Even while asleep he was aware of the small sounds around. He was waiting, waiting for the phone to ring. But it was a buzz. A message. A message from an unknown number.

He quickly unlocked his phone and opened the message. It’s a photo. No words, no explanation. Just a photo. He smiled looking at the photo.

Then called the number. Not sure who would pick up, he just said “Hello”

“Hello …, did you see the photo” it was Veena’s excited voice on the other end.

“Yes darling I did. You kept your promise. Thank you dear. She’s cute, just like you”

“I thought she is like you! It was hard to keep the promise, as I could not carry my phone to the labor room. But thanks to the doctor, when I told her I wanted you to see your daughter first, she readily gave her phone to click our princess’ snap and send it to you.”

“How are you doing dear ?”

“I am doing fine dear, no worries, just tired. Normal delivery.. Wanted to talk to you before taking some rest, our princess is now with our family.”

“You take rest darling. I will call later.”

He was waiting for this call since he knew Veena was taken to hospital in the evening because labour pain had started. He went off to sleep because doctor had said delivery is expected only the next day. But yet he was not quiet asleep. ” Damn this project, I am stuck here in Delhi, I  could not be home with my wife when she needed me the most. How much I wanted to be the first to hold my daughter.  Just two more days , I would be with them.  She went into labour two weeks ahead of the expected date. But Veena had kept her promise, I could at least see my newborn baby”  He once again opened the message and stood gazing at his princess’ photo.


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PS : This is my first attempt to write fiction. Suggestions are welcome 🙂